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Our clinic will be offering a parenting workshop aimed at providing strategies for managing challenges with children’s sleep. The workshop will be hosted by Dr. Ena Vukatana, Registered Psychologist, and Nicole MacKenzie, Psychology Practicum Student.

Sleep from A to Zzz: Strategies for managing challenges with children’s sleep

Good sleep is essential for children’s health and development; however, many children experience challenges with sleep, including trouble falling and/or staying asleep, and sleepiness during the day. When it comes to coping with these challenges, many caregivers may feel overwhelmed or unsure of how to support their child. This virtual workshop is for caregivers of children and youth looking for science-based solutions to manage the sleep difficulties. The session will provide an introduction to sleep in childhood, with a focus on highlighting strategies your family can use to manage sleep challenges across childhood and early adolescence. The workshop is most appropriate for children ages 12 and under. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions about their specific concerns, answered by our team.

Date: Oct 25, 2022; 6:00 to 7:30pm

Cost: $100 (receipt for insurance coverage will be provided to all participants)

Modality: Virtual session on Teams

RSVP: If you are interested, please RSVP to; more than one parent or caregiver from the same household is welcome to attend.